Food Offered to Idols
1 Corinthians 10

  1. In what two things were those who were baptized into Moses baptized?

  2. What did those in the wilderness drink from? Whom is this identified with?

  3. What four sins were the Israelites guilty of in the wilderness that they were punished for?

  4. Why did the punishment happen to the Israelites? Why were the accounts written down?

  5. What should the person who thinks he stands do?

  6. What will God keep from happening to a person? What will He provide?

  7. What should Christians flee from?

  8. What are the cup of blessing and the bread which we break?

  9. What is the relationship between Israelites who eat their sacrifices and the altar?

  10. To what does Paul imply that pagans offer their sacrifices?

  11. What two tables and two cups can a Christian not share?

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