Head Coverings
I Corinthians 11:2-16

  1. Why did Paul commend the Corinthians?

  2. Who is the head of man, of woman, and of Christ, respectively?

  3. How does a man dishonor his head? How does a woman?

  4. What activity is the same degree of honor for a woman as having her head shaved?

  5. What does Paul say that the woman who will not cover her head should do?

  6. What attributes describe man's relationship to God? What attribute describes woman's relationship to man?

  7. What two prepositions are used to describe woman's relationship to man in creation?

  8. What brief reason does Paul give in verse 10 as to why a woman should cover her head?

  9. In what way since creation is man dependent on woman?

  10. What does nature teach that long hair on a man is? What does it teach that long hair is on a woman?

  11. Who does Paul say does not have a practice of women praying bareheaded?

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