Spiritual Gifts
I Corinthians 13

  1. What does Paul say he is if he speaks in tongues of men and angels without love?

  2. How much faith does Paul say it is possible to have?

  3. What are the two manuscript readings that are found in the variant in I Cor. 13:3 (i.e., both text and footnote)?

  4. What are eight things that Paul says that love does not do?

  5. What are four verbs that Paul uses to describe love in I Cor. 13:7?

  6. How long does love last?

  7. What does Paul say will happen to prophecies, to tongues, and to knowledge?

  8. What does Paul say will happen when "the perfect" (perfection) comes?

  9. What did Paul give up when he became a man? Did he give these things up all at once or gradually over time?

  10. How much will Paul come to know or understand in the future?

  11. What three things remain? Which is the greatest?

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