Spiritual Gifts
I Corinthians 14:1-26

  1. Who does a person who speaks in tongues not speak to? Who does he or she speak to?

  2. Who does a person who speaks in tongues edify or build up? Who does a person who prophesies edify or build up?

  3. Which does Paul say is greater: the one who speaks in tongues or the one who prophesies?

  4. What analogies does Paul give to show that language must be understandable?

  5. What does Paul say that one who speaks in tongues should pray for?

  6. What does Paul say happens to his mind if he prays in a tongue?

  7. How many words does Paul say that he would rather speak with his mind in church rather than speaking more in a tongue?

  8. Who does Paul say that tongues are a sign for? Who is prophecy a sign for?

  9. What will outsiders and unbelievers say about the church if everyone should speak in tongues?

  10. What does Paul say would cause an unbeliever or outsider to worship God?

  11. What five items does Paul mention as being a part of an early church service?

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