I Corinthians 15

  1. What four things does Paul say are of most importance in the message of the gospel?

  2. What was the largest number of people that Jesus appeared to at one time after his resurrection?

  3. What conclusions does Paul draw if there is no resurrection from the dead? (List at least 3)

  4. What does Paul call Christ because He was the first to rise from the dead? Who will be next?

  5. What does Jesus do with the kingdom at the end? What must he do before He does that?

  6. What reference to baptism does Paul make that has caused much controversy about its meaning?

  7. What plant does Paul refer to in order to illustrate the resurrection? What earthly creatures? What heavenly bodies?

  8. What four contrasts does Paul make between what is sown and what is raised?

  9. What does Paul say cannot inherit the kingdom of God?

  10. What does Paul say will happen to those who are alive at the second coming? When will it happen? How long will it take?

  11. What will happen to death? What is the sting of death?

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