Contribution and Conclusion
I Corinthians 16

  1. When were the Corinthians asked to put aside contribution?

  2. What other churches had been directed to do the same thing?

  3. Who was to carry the Corinthians gift to Jerusalem?

  4. What region was Paul going to pass through on his way to the Corinthians?

  5. Where was Paul going to stay until Pentecost? What two reasons does he give as to why?

  6. Who was coming to visit the Corinthians? Who was not coming to see the Corinthians right then?

  7. Who were the firstfruits or first converts of Achaia?

  8. What three men had come to visit Paul?

  9. What notable Christian couple sent greetings to the Corinthians? What met in their house?

  10. Who does Paul say should be accursed?

  11. What Aramaic prayer does Paul give at the end of the letter? What does it mean in English?

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