Division and Wisdom
I Corinthians 2

  1. With what two things did Paul not preach when he first came to the Corinthians?

  2. What did Paul decide to know about among the Corinthians when he first came to them?

  3. What did Paul want the Corinthians' faith to rest in?

  4. What kind of wisdom did Paul give to the mature in Christ?

  5. What would the rulers of this age not have done if they had understood God's wisdom?

  6. What does the Spirit search out?

  7. Who alone understands the thoughts of God?

  8. With what kind of words did Paul share the understanding of the things given us by God?

  9. What kind of person does not accept the things of the Spirit?

  10. Why can such a person not understand these things?

  11. Whose mind do Christians have?

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