Division and Wisdom
I Corinthians 3

  1. What two things did Paul say that the Corinthian brothers were?

  2. What does Paul say that he and Apollos were?

  3. What did Paul, Apollos, and God each respectively do?

  4. What two images did Paul use in describing the Corinthians?

  5. What is the only foundation that can be laid?

  6. What kinds of substances does Paul list that men might build with?

  7. With what will the day be revealed when each person's work becomes apparent?

  8. With what kind of building does Paul identify the Corinthians?

  9. Who lives in this building?

  10. Are 3:16-17 referring to the same thing as 6:19-20? To what does each refer?

  11. What things does Paul list as belonging to the Corinthians?

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