I Corinthians 4:18-5:13

  1. What were some of the Corinthians acting like was not going to happen?

  2. Of what does the kingdom of God not consist? Of what does it consist?

  3. What kind of sexual immorality was happening among the Corinthians?

  4. Among whom was this kind of sexual immorality not found?

  5. What was the Corinthians' reaction to this immorality? What should it have been?

  6. To whom were the Corinthians to deliver the immoral man when they were assembled together?

  7. Why were they to do this?

  8. What is the effect of a little leaven or yeast?

  9. With what kind of lamb does Paul identify Jesus?

  10. With what all kinds of people had Paul written or was Paul writing to the Corinthians not to associate?

  11. Who were the Corinthians to judge? Who were they to leave to the judgment of God ?

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