Division and Wisdom
I Corinthians 4:1-17

  1. As what two things does Paul say that people should regard Paul, Apollos, and Cephas?

  2. Who does Paul say that he does not judge?

  3. What does Paul say that the fact that he does not know of anything against himself does not mean?

  4. What will the Lord bring to light and disclose or expose when he comes again?

  5. What did Paul want the Corinthians to learn from his applying this teaching to Apollos and himself?

  6. How did the Corinthians get the things that they had?

  7. What three things did Paul (perhaps tongue in cheek) say that the Corinthians already had?

  8. What did Paul say that God had made the apostles like?

  9. What two vile things did Paul say that the apostles had become to the world?

  10. What did Paul say that he had become to the Corinthians in Christ Jesus through the gospel?

  11. Who had Paul sent to the Corinthians to remind them of his ways in Christ?

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