Lawsuits and Fornication
I Corinthians 6

  1. What were the Corinthians doing that brought Paul's rebuke at the beginning of chapter 6?

  2. What two items does Paul say that Christians will judge?

  3. Who did Paul want to decide cases between Christian brothers?

  4. What did Paul say that having lawsuits was for the Corinthians?

  5. What ten sins does Paul list that those who practice them will not inherit the kingdom of God?

  6. What three things does Paul say happened to the Corinthians when they became Christians?

  7. In what two things does Paul say that the Corinthians were bathed?

  8. What two answers does Paul give to the Corinthians' statement "All things are lawful for me"?

  9. What does Paul say that a fornicator connects Christ with?

  10. What does a fornicator sin against?

  11. What kind of building does Paul say that the Christian's body is?

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