Food Offered to Idols
I Corinthians 8

  1. What does Paul say puffs up? What builds up?

  2. In what way does Paul say that a person who thinks he knows something does not yet know?

  3. What does Paul say that we know about idols?

  4. For Christians how many gods are there?

  5. When new Christians eat food offered to idols, what happens to their conscience?

  6. What does food not do in relationship to God?

  7. What is the danger that Christian liberty might become to the weak?

  8. Where is it that Paul warns against being seen eating food offered to idols?

  9. What is the state of the person's conscience who might be tempted to worship idols by eating food offered to them?

  10. When a Christian sins against his brother, who else does he sin against?

  11. Why does Paul say that he would never eat meat?

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