Food Offered to Idols (Rights)
I Corinthians 9

  1. What relating to Jesus does Paul associate with being an apostle?

  2. What apostles were accompanied by a Christian sister as a wife?

  3. What three analogies does Paul give to show that a worker deserves to be paid?

  4. What passage from the law of Moses does Paul quote to show that a worker deserves to be paid?

  5. What right had Paul given up?

  6. From where did the Lord command that those who preach the gospel should get their living?

  7. What did Paul want the preaching of the gospel to cost those who heard?

  8. Why did Paul make himself a slave to all?

  9. What did Paul become to Jews? To those under the law? To those without the law? To the weak?

  10. What did Paul become so that he might save some?

  11. Why did Paul subdue and enslave his body?

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