Culture versus Christ in 1 Corinthians

Having political parties and       Christ is not divided.  We
following various men is wise.     preach Christ crucified.  You
                                   all belong to Christ
Fornication is natural.  The       Our bodies are members of
way to solve problems is           Christ.  Shall I join members
through a court of law.            of Christ to a prostitute?
Divorce is acceptable.             The Lord says not to divorce.
                  Eating Meat Offered to Idols
The way to worship a god is by     The cup and bread are sharing
sharing a meal with him.  This     with the blood and body of
is one of the times to eat         Christ.  You can't share this
meat.                              cup and the cup of demons.
                         Head Coverings
Greeks prayed bareheaded. Jews     Christ is the head of man.  A
and Romans covered their heads     man who prays with his head
to pray.                           covered dishonors his head.
                        The Lord's Supper
Getting drunk is a way to          The Lord Jesus said, "Do this
reach out to the gods.             in memory of me."
                         Spiritual Gifts
The Delphi prophetess gave her     The same Lord has a variety of
oracles in tongues.                services.  You are the body of
                                   Christ and members of it.
                        The Resurrection
The body does not rise from        Christ rose from the dead as
the dead.  It is a prison of       the firstfruits of the
the soul.                          resurrection.
                        The Contribution
Corinth doesn't encourage          On the first day of every week
charlatans by giving money.        put something aside.

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