I Corinthians
Homework from Saint Paul's Corinth (Bonus points)
Questions from Murphy-O'Connor on Pausanias (pp. 1-44)

  1. When did the Romans destroy Corinth? When did they rebuild it? Who settled colonist there in the rebuilding?

  2. What was the official language of Corinth in the time of Paul (i.e. in what language were most inscriptions recorded)?

  3. What were the two port cities of Corinth? Which was on the east?

  4. What games were sponsored by Corinth at the time of Paul?

  5. Who did Lais surpass in beauty?

  6. How far was Cenchreae from the marketplace (agora) of Corinth?

  7. What dieties were worshipped in the agora in the time of Pausanias?

  8. For whom did the children of the Old Corinthians cut their hair and wear black clothes? Thought question: What was the symbolic reason for doing this?

  9. By whom were the kings of Old Corinth replaced after the death of Telestes?

  10. How many people did the theatre at Corinth hold?

  11. What had Erastus paid for?

  12. What have archeologists found near Lerna of interest to immersionists? How deep was it? What temple is near it?

  13. What is the name of the mountain on the south side of Corinth? Whose temple was on it?

  14. To what social class would the inhabitants of the ruined city of Corinth (i.e. before its rebuilding) have belonged once the city was made a Roman colony?

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