How People First Sinned

When God made the first man and woman and put them in the park in the land of Eden, they were naked, but they were not ashamed, because that is how God made them. One day the devil appeared to the woman to the woman in the form of a snake. He said to the woman, "Did God say that you must not eat of any tree in the park?" The woman answered, "God said that we could eat the fruit of the trees in the park, but He said not to eat the fruit from the tree in the middle of the park, not even to touch it; if we do, we will die!" Then the snake said to the woman, "You will not die. God knows that when you eat it your eyes will really see and you will be like God and know good from evil." Then the woman looked at the fruit and saw that it looked good to eat and was pretty and she wanted it to make her wise. So she took a fruit and ate it; she also took some to her husband and he ate it. Then they understood that they were naked and so they made clothes to wear by sowing fig leaves together.

Later that day they heard the sound of God coming through the park and so they hid behind the trees. God called out to the man, "Where are you?" The man answered "I heard you and I was afraid, because I was naked; and so I hid myself." God said, "Who told you that you were naked? Did you eat the fruit of the tree that I commanded you not to eat?" Then the man blamed his wife and said, "The woman You put with me gave me the fruit from the tree and I ate it." So God sad to the woman, "What have you done?" The woman in turn blamed the snake and said, "The snake tricked me and I ate." Then God cursed the snake, "You are more cursed than any of the animals; you will always have to crawl on your belly. And I will put hatred between you and the woman and between your child and her child. He will hurt your head, and you will hurt his heel." Then God said to the woman, "You will have pain when you give birth to children, and your husband will rule over you." And God said to the man, "The ground is cursed because of you. It will grow thorns and weeds, and you will have to work hard to get food until you return to the ground. For you are made of dirt, and you will become dirt again." Then God made good clothes for the man and the woman out of animal skins.

After that God sent man out of the park in Eden so that he would not eat the fruit from the tree of life and live forever. On the east side of the park God put angelic beings called "cherubim" with a sword of fire to guard the way to the tree of life and keep man out. And from that day to this death has been in this world.

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