God's Only Begotten Son

In John 1:14,18; 3:16, 18 and I john 4:9 Jesus is called God's only begotten Son (KJV). The Greek word translated only begotten is monogenes. It means "the only one of a kind." Jesus is the only Son of his kind. Many people say that all people are sons of God. The bible does not teach that. Oh, I Know that in John 1:12 and I John 3:1,2 Christians are called children of God. But they are called that because they have been adopted as sons (See Galatians 4:5). Jesus is the only one to have left heaven and become a man. That is why we owe him so much, because he gave up so much. Yes, He is the only one of his kind. He is the only one who could have died for us. And praise God, he did die for us. But what about you? Does his death mean anything to you? Have you accepted him as your lord and savior? I pray that 1982 will be the last year you do so.

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