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Homework: Bible Survey
II Corinthians - Colossians

  1. With what attitude should a Christian give to God? (2 Cor. 9)


  2. By what does Paul say that a person cannot be justified? (Gal. 2)


  3. What does Paul say a person who receives circumcision as a way to be saved have to do? (chap. 5)


  4. What kind of people does Paul say have fallen away from grace? (Gal. 5)


  5. Against what classes is the Christians' warfare directed? (Eph. 6)


  6. What are Christians to do instead of worrying about things? (Phil. 4)


  7. What did Jesus do with the written bond (instrument of debt) that was against us because we had not kept the regulations? (Col. 2)

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