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Study Questions: Bible Survey
II Corinthians - Colossians

II Corinthians

  1. Why do Christians share in sufferings, afflictions, and distress? (chap. 1)

  2. Why did Paul and his companions try to persuade people? (chap. 5)

  3. What is the difference between godly sorrow or grief and worldly sorrow or grief? Can you think of two examples at the trial of Jesus? (chap. 7)

  4. What kind of giver does God love? (chap. 9)


  1. What does Paul say should happen to someone who preaches a different gospel than he preached, even if the different gospel comes from an angel? (chap. 1)

  2. What happens to those who are baptized into Christ? (chap. 3)

  3. How many sins in the works of the flesh fall in each of the following categories? (chap. 5)
    1. sexual sins
    2. worshipping false gods
    3. against Christian unity
    4. wild living

  4. What are the fruit of the Spirit? (List them from chap. 5)


  1. By what is a person saved? What has God created Christians to do? (chap. 2)

  2. What does Paul say happened to the law with its commandments and why? (chap. 2)

  3. What are the seven ones of the unity of the Spirit? (chap. 4)


  1. How did Christ humble himself? (chap. 2)

  2. Why did Paul count everything as loss? (chap. 3)

  3. What church or churches supported Paul financially when he first left Macedonia? (chap. 4)


  1. To what extent does Paul say that the gospel had spread in the first century? (chap. 1)

  2. What does Paul think about philosophy? Why? (chap. 2)

  3. What is Paul's assessment of the religious holidays under the law of Moses? (chap. 2)

  4. What should be done in the name of Jesus? (chap. 3)

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