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Acts 1-7:  The Early Church in Jerusalem

  1. For how long a period after His resurrection did Jesus appear to His disciples?

  2. Where did Jesus tell His apostles that they would testify about Him?

  3. What two men were put forward as possible apostles to replace Judas? Which one was chosen?

  4. What happened that was unusual on the Day of Pentecost?

  5. What did Peter say was happening? What prophet did he quote to prove his point?

  6. What two commands did Peter give the crowd? What two things did he promise them if they obeyed?

  7. Who and how many were baptized on that day?

  8. What kinds of activities characterized the early Christians?

  9. What did Peter tell the audience in Acts 3 that they needed to do to have their sins blotted out? What blessing would come as a result?

  10. After Peter preached in the temple, how many men had come to believe in Jesus?

  11. In whose name did Peter say that salvation was found? Could it be found in other names? Why or why not?

  12. To whom did Peter and the apostles say that God had given the Holy Spirit?

  13. What two people died when they lied about how much they were giving?

  14. Who did Peter and the apostles say that they must obey?

  15. In a nutshell, what did Stephen do in the defense that he gave? What people did he mention in his defense?

  16. What did the crowd do to Stephen? What part did Saul play in this?

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