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Study Questions: Bible Survey
Acts 13-28: The Church to the Ends of the Earth

  1. Who opposed the apostles on the first missionary journey when they tried to convert Serguis Paulus, the governor of Cyprus?

  2. What was the other name of Saul of Tarsus?

  3. In what city did Paul preach a sermon in the synagogue relating the history of Israel?

  4. What did the apostles appoint in every church?

  5. What four things did the Jerusalem conference decide that Gentiles should avoid?

  6. Where did Paul and his company decide to go after Paul had a dream with a man inviting him to come to his country?

  7. What was the jailer at Philippi told to do to be saved? After what event was he said to have done this?

  8. Where did Paul preach at Athens? What god did he tell them about?

  9. What kind of baptism had 12 disciples at Ephesus received? Who had previously been preaching there that taught this baptism?

  10. Who did Paul tell the elders at Ephesus had made them bishops/guardians in the church?

  11. Why did the Romans not flog Paul when they arrested him in Jerusalem?

  12. Before what Jewish king did Paul make a defense? What did he say that Paul was trying to make him become?

  13. Where was the ship on which Paul was going to Rome wrecked?

  14. Who did Paul call to meet him when he first arrived in Rome?

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