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Hebrews Study Questions

  1. How is the Son like the Father?

  2. What did God give to testify to the truth of the message?

  3. Why did Jesus take on flesh and blood? Why did he die?

  4. Why did Jesus suffer and was tempted?

  5. What can an evil, unbelieving heart lead to?

  6. How does the writer describe the word of God?

  7. How was Jesus alike yet different from the rest of us?

  8. How did Jesus learn how to obey?

  9. What elementary doctrines does the writer list?

  10. Who cannot be restored to repentance when they apostatize?

  11. How was Melchizedek like the Son of God?

  12. What does a change in the Priesthood imply?

  13. To what tribe did Jesus belong? Did priests come from this tribe?

  14. What are two basic differences between Jesus and the Jewish priests?

  15. Why is the covenant of Christ better than that of Moses?

  16. What redeemed people from sins under the first covenant?

  17. Where did Jesus present the offering of His blood?

  18. What is the purpose of each of the two comings of Jesus?

  19. What cannot take away sins?

  20. Why should Christians not fail to meet together?

  21. How does the writer define faith?

  22. What must a person believe to draw near to God?

  23. Why should Christians endure discipline? (Give 4 reasons)

  24. How does Jesus change?

  25. What sacrifices should Christians offer?

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