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Homework: Bible Survey
Isaiah 6-7, 13-14, 44, 53, 66

  1. How did Isaiah answer God when He asked who would go for Him? (chap. 6)


  2. What did Isaiah tell Ahaz that the child who would be the sign would be named? (chap. 7)


  3. What people in Isaiah 13 did God say He was stirring up against the Babylonians?


  4. Who does the prophecy in Isaiah 14 say that it is talking about (i.e., who is the taunt against)?


  5. What two things does a carpenter do with a tree that shows that he does not have understanding about God? (chap. 44)


  6. Why was the suffering servant wounded and bruised? (chap. 53)


  7. What does the person to whom God looks do at His word? (chap. 66)

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