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Study Questions: Bible Survey
Job 1-2, 42; Psalms 22, 23, 32, 51, 110; Prov. 5-6, 31; Eccl. 3

  1. In what country did Job live?


  2. Who was meeting with the Lord when Satan appeared there also?


  3. What happened to Job's children?


  4. What restriction did God put on Satan when it came to torturing Job?


  5. Who or what did Job's wife want him to curse?


  6. What statement by Job would indicate that he knew he was not sinless?


  7. Why did God want Job's friends to offer a sacrifice and have Job pray for them?


  8. What specific events in the crucifixion of Christ are foretold in the twenty-second Psalm?


  9. In the twenty-third Psalm, why does the psalmist say that he will not be afraid even when in danger of dying?


  10. What does the psalmist say happened to his body when he failed to confess his sin?


  11. What evidence do you see in the thirty-second Psalm that there was forgiveness of sins in the Old Testament?


  12. In the fifty-first Psalm, what kind of sacrifice does the psalmist say is acceptable to God?


  13. In the fifty-first Psalm, what did David not want God to take away from him after he sinned with Bathsheba?


  14. What kind of priest does Psalm 110 say that David's Lord is to be for ever?


  15. In Psalm 110, where did YaHWeH tell David's Lord to sit and for how long?


  16. What two women is the son advised to avoid and to love, respectively? (Prov. 5)


  17. What are the seven sins which the LORD hates? (Prov. 6)


  18. What did Lemuel's mother say was vain or fleeting in a woman? (Prov. 31:30)


  19. 19. What kind of work does a good wife do and where? (Prov. 31)


  20. What categories does the discourse on time contain to describe contrasts? (Eccl. 3; list at least 5)


  21. What fate do men and animals share? (Eccl. 3)

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