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Readings in Jeremiah

1:5       before formed in the womb
1:10      set over nations
2:13      broken cisterns
3:1       return to divorced spouse
4:4       circumcise foreskin of heart
5:28      defend the rights of the needy
6:14-17   peace, blush, ancient paths
7:11      den of robbers
7:18      children, fathers, women
7:23-24   stubbornness of evil hearts
7:27      not listen
7:31      not command burn sons
8:11-12   peace, blush
8:20      summer is ended
8:22      balm in Gilead
9:23-24   boast in the Lord
10:2-5    astrology, idols
10:21     the shepherds are stupid
10:23     the way of man not in self
12:1-2    why way of wicked prosper
12:5      how compete with horses
13:10     stubbornly follow own heart
13:23     Ethiopian change skin
14:13-14  false prophets
16:1-4    not take wife
17:5      cursed man who trusts man
17:7      blessed man who trusts the Lord
17:9-10   heart deceitful above all things
18:1-6    potter and clay
18:7-10   conditional nature of prophecy
20:9      fire in bones
20:14-17  curse day of birth
23:5-6    Branch of David
23:16-17  false prophets
23:25-30  false prophets
25:11-12  70 years
28:8-9    prophet who prophecies peace
29:4-10   seek the welfare of the city
30:2      write in a book
31:15     voice heard in Ramah
31:29-30  fathers eaten sour grapes
31:31-34  new covenant
32:6-8    conformation for a prophet
33:15     Righteous Branch
34:18     to cut a covenant
44:15-23  burning incense to queen of heaven
50:39     Babylon inhabited no more

Jeremiah 34-45 is a historical narrative about the life of
Jeremiah immediately before and after the fall of Jerusalem.
Chapter 52 is an appendix that retells the story of Jerusalem's

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