Four Stages of the Kingdom of God

  1. Old Testament Period
    1. Spoken of as Present
      1. On Earth
        1. I Chron. 28:5--Solomon sit on throne of kingdom
      2. In Heaven
        1. Ps. 103:19--Yahweh's kingdom rules over all
        2. Dan. 4:3--God's kingdom is an everlasting kingdom
    2. Spoken of as Future
      1. Dan. 2:44--a kingdom which shall never be destroyed
      2. Zech. 14:9--Yahweh will become king over all the earth
  2. Christ's Earthly Ministry
    1. Spoken of as Present
      1. Luke 11:20--the kingdom of God has come upon you
      2. Luke 17:20-21--the kingdom of God is in your midst
    2. Spoken of as Future
      1. Earthly
        1. Mark 1:14-15--the kingdom of God is at hand
        2. Mark 9:1--the kingdom of God will come with power
        3. Matt. 16:18-19--the keys of the kingdom to Peter
      2. Heavenly
        1. Matt. 25:34--inherit the kingdom prepared
        2. Luke 13:28-29--sit at table in the kingdom of God
  3. The Church
    1. Spoken of as Present
      1. Col. 1:13--transferred to kingdom of his beloved Son
      2. Heb. 12:28--received a kingdom that cannot be shaken
      3. Rev. 1:5b-6--he has made us a kingdom
    2. Spoken of as Future
      1. I Cor. 6:9-10--inherit the kingdom of God
  4. The Heavenly Kingdom
    1. II Tim. 4:18--save for his heavenly kingdom
    2. II Peter 1:10-11--an entrance into the eternal kingdom

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