Group Work
Priesthood of All Believers
Ferguson, pp. 220-226

  1. What kind of priest is Jesus?

  2. In what two books are the terms priest and priesthood applied to Christians?

  3. When the term priest is applied to Christians, is it used in the singular or in the plural?

  4. To what rights do Protestants refer when they speak of the priesthood of all believers? What is the relationship of these rights to the scriptures?

  5. What two sacrifices of Christians are listed in Hebrews 13:15?

  6. What two sacrifices of Christians are listed in Hebrews 13:16?

  7. What kind of sacrifice by Christians is referred to in Philippians 4:18?

  8. To what kind of sacrifice does Paul refer to his ministry as in Philippians 2:17?

  9. What sacrificial words are used in Romans 15:16 of Paul's ministry? To what ministry do they refer?

  10. What kind of spiritual sacrifices does Ferguson think that Peter may be referring to in I Peter 2:5?

  11. What kind of sacrifice does Paul say Christians are to offer in Romans 12:1?

  12. What sacrificial language that later Christians used is not used in the New Testament?

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