Daniel 10-11

  1. What did Daniel not eat for three weeks?

  2. What happened to Daniel when he heard the sound of the words of the one who looked like a man who appeared to him?

  3. For how long did the prince of the kingdom of Persia resist the one who looked like a man and appeared to Daniel?

  4. Against whom was this one going to return to fight? Who would come after that? Who was helping this one who appeared to Daniel?

  5. How many kings of Persia are mentioned in Daniel 11?

  6. How would the king of Greece's kingdom be divided?

  7. What would happen to the daughter of the king of the south?

  8. Why did the king of the north give the "daughter of women" to the king of the south?

  9. How is the king of the north before whom the prince of the covenant is swept away and broken described in the vision?

  10. Who would come and make the king of the north afraid?

  11. When the king of the north became angry, what would he do to the temple and what would he set up?

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