Daniel 7-8

  1. What four beasts did Daniel see in his dream in chapter 7?

  2. What human features did the little horn have?

  3. Who came with the clouds of heaven in his night vision?

  4. How long would his kingdom last?

  5. For how long a time were the saints of the Most High given into the hand of the little horn?

  6. What did Daniel see standing by the bank of the river/canal in his vision?

  7. How many horns did this animal have? What was unusual about them?

  8. Where did the he-goat have a horn?

  9. How many horns replaced the he-goat's horn when it was broken?

  10. What three things did Daniel mention would happen when he asked how long the vision would take to be fulfilled?

  11. What was the name of the one who looked like a man and explained the vision to Daniel?

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