Introduction to the Book of Daniel


          Daniel (Ezek. 14:14,20; 28:3)
     Liberal (Since 1800's)
          Unknown second century B.C. writer


          6th Century B.C.
          Referred to in I Maccabees
          Referred to by Jesus (Matt. 24:15)
     Liberal (Since 1800's)
          164 B.C.
          Based on Daniel 11


     Hebrew (1:1-2:4a; 8:1-12:13)
     Aramaic (2:4b-7:28)


     liberals (Driver, Charles, Rowley, Pfeiffer)
     some argue that stories written earlier than visions

Historical Background

Northern Kingdom carried off into Assyrian Captivity
Nebuchadnezzer becomes king of Babylon (604 BC)
Southern Kingdom carried off into Babylonian Captivity
     Daniel and young nobles (605 BC)
     King Jehoachin and 10,000 (including Ezekiel)
     Few in time of Jeremiah at final destruction of Jerusalem
Cyrus becomes king of Persia (ca. 554 BC)
Babylon conquered (Oct 12, 539 BC)

Position in Canon

In Writings


Miracles (for liberals)
Existence of Belshazzer and Darius the Mede
Understanding of King of North in Chapter 11

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