Study Questions
Daniel 5

  1. How many people did King Belshazzar entertain?

  2. Out of what vessels did the people at Belshazzar's party drink?

  3. What appeared writing on the wall?

  4. How was the king affected when he saw this?

  5. Who did the king call for at first to interpret the writing?

  6. Who told the king to call for Daniel?

  7. How did the king label Daniel?

  8. What did the king promise Daniel he would give him if Daniel could interpret the writing?

  9. What event in Nebuchadnezzar's life did Daniel remind the king about?

  10. What did the writing on the wall say and what did each word mean?

  11. What happened to Belshazzar that night?

  12. Who received the kingdom and how old was he?


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