Study Questions
Daniel 8

  1. When did the vision of the ram and the he-goat take place?

  2. Where was Daniel in his vision?

  3. How does Daniel describe the ram?

  4. How does Daniel describe the he-goat?

  5. What happened when they came into conflict?

  6. What happened to the he-goat when he became strong?

  7. What happened to the little horn?

  8. What happened when the little horn magnified itself?

  9. For how long a time did the holy one say the vision was for?

  10. Who explained the vision to Daniel?

  11. What time period did he tell Daniel that the vision was for?

  12. What did the four horns represent?

  13. What did the little horn represent?

  14. What was Daniel's reaction to the vision?

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