Excerpt From Nabonidus-Cyrus Chronicle

(translation by Dougherty; taken from Montgomery, pp. 67-68)

In the month Tammuz [June/July; Dougherty emended to Tishri
(Sept./ Oct.)] when Cyrus fought at Opis on the Tigris river
against the troops of Akkad, he destroyed the people with
burning; he put the people to death.  On the 14th day Sippar was
captured without fighting. Nabonidus fled.  On the 16th day
Ugbaru the governor of Gutium, and the troops of Cyrus entered
Babylon without fighting.  Afterward, when Nabonidus returned he
was taken captive in Babylon.  Until the end of the month the
arms of Gutium surrounded the gates of the temple Esagila.  No
one's weapon was placed in Esagila or the sanctuaries, and no
appointed time was disregarded.  In the month Marchesvan
[Oct./Nov.], the 3rd day, Cyrus entered Babylon.  Harine (?) were
carried before him.  Prosperity was established in the city;
Cyrus decreed prosperity for all in Babylon. Gobryas, his
governor, placed governors in charge of Babylon.  From Keslev
[Nov./Dec.] to Adar [Feb./Mar.] the gods of Akkad, whom Nabonidus
had brought up to Babylon, they returned to their cities.  In the
month Marchesvan [Oct./Nov.], on the night of the 11th, Ugbaru [.
. .] In the month (?) the [. . .] of the king died.  From the
28th day of Adar [Feb./Mar.] to the third day of Nisan
[Mar./Apr.] there was weeping in the land of Akkad. . . . All the
people prostrated their heads.

Montgomery, James A. A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the
     Book of Daniel. The International Critical Commentary
     series. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1927.

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