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Variously translated: church, congregation, assembly Seven Meanings in the New Testament: (Match the correct meanings with the scriptures.)

1.Universal church
"all the people who are saved throughout the whole world
throughout the whole Christian age"
___ I Cor. 11:18;
       Heb. 2:12
2.Regional church
"the universal church at a particular time in a particular region"
___ Rom. 16:5;
       Col. 4:15
3.Local church (congregation?)
"the saved in a particular locality"
___ Acts 9:31 not KJV
4.House church (congregation?)
"the saved who gather at a house"
___ Matt. 16:18
       Eph. 1:22-23;5:23
5.Old Testament church
"the people of Israel gathered in the wilderness"
___ Acts 14:23;
       Rom. 16:1;
       I Cor. 1:2;
       II Cor. 8:1;
       Col. 4:16
6.Non-religious assembly
"any group of people gathered together"
___ Acts 19:32,39,41
"an assembly of people"
___ Acts 7:38
  ___ I Cor. 16:19

Note that 1 through 6 refer to the people who assemble and 7 refers to an assembly of people."

Why does Christ call his people a "church"?

  1. The local church gathers together--I Cor. 14:23
  2. The universal church will gather together--I Thess. 4:16-17

What "church" means in English that it doesn't mean in Greek:

  1. The clergy of a religious body
  2. Building where a congregation meets
  3. Denomination--"a religious organization uniting in a single legal and administrative body a number of local congregations"--Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary

In the New Testament sense, a church is made up of people, not of congregations.

To the universal church one is added by God--Acts 2:47; Col. 1:13 One can only "join" a local church--Acts 9:26

Salvation is by God--Rom. 5:6-10; Eph. 2:8-10

Man's Response:Faith--Mark 16:16
Repentance--II Cor. 7:10
Confession--Rom. 10:9-10
Baptism--I Peter 3:21

What does the __________ teach?
Are you a member of the __________?
Congregations of the __________ are found throughout Texas.

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