Bible 305

Galatians 1

  1. From whom did Paul say he got his apostleship?


  2. What two things that the Galatians were doing caused Paul to be astonished?


  3. Whom does Paul say the first time that the Galatians should not believe if these should preach a different gospel to them?


  4. What does Paul say that anyone who preaches a different gospel should be?


  5. From whom does Paul say that he did not get his gospel?


  6. When does Paul say he was set apart?


  7. Where did Paul first go from Damascus when he was converted?


  8. Whom did Paul go up to Jerusalem to see?


  9. What other apostle (who is not usually thought of as being an apostle) did Paul say that he saw?


  10. Into what two regions did Paul say he went when he left Jerusalem?


  11. Who glorified God because of Paul even though they did not know him by sight?


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