Bible 305

Galatians 2

  1. Who did Paul and Barnabas take with them to Jerusalem? What was he not compelled to do?


  2. What caused Paul to go up to Jerusalem?


  3. Why did Paul lay out the gospel he preached among the Gentiles privately before those of repute?

  4. What does Paul call those who secretly slipped in to spy out the freedom which we have in Christ?


  5. Who had been entrusted with the gospel to the uncircumcised? Who to the circumcised?


  6. Whom does Paul identify as being reputed to be pillars in the church?


  7. What did those reputed to be pillars want Paul and Barnabas to do?


  8. Who came from Jerusalem that caused Cephas to stop eating with Gentiles? Who else is listed as one who quit eating with them?

  9. By what does Paul say that a person is not justified? By what does he say that a person is justified?


  10. What does Paul say had happened to him with Christ so that Christ now lived in him?


  11. What does Paul say is true about Christ's death if a person can be justified by keeping the law?


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