Bible 305

Galatians 3

  1. With what does Paul say that the Galatians had begun their spiritual life? With what were they trying to end it?

  2. What Old Testament scripture does Paul quote to show the faith of Abraham? (i.e. where in the OT is it found?)

  3. What are the words of the curse which those who rely on works of law are under?


  4. What are the words of the curse which Christ became to redeem us from the first curse?


  5. To whom were the promises made?


  6. When does Paul say the law came in relation to Abraham?


  7. Why was the law added?


  8. Through or by what does Paul say that the law was put into effect or ordained? Through what kind of beings?

  9. What term (or phrase in NIV) does Paul use to describe the law that men were under until Christ came that would bring them to Christ?

  10. How does Paul say that one puts on Christ?


  11. What six categories are not taken into account in making Christians heirs according to the promise?


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