Bible 305

Galatians 5

  1. For or by what has Christ set Christians free?


  2. How much of the law does Paul say that a man who receives circumcision have to keep?


  3. What is a person's relationship to Christ if he or she tries to be justified by the law? What is that person's relationship to grace?


  4. If neither circumcision nor uncircumcision does any good, what does?


  5. What does Paul wish that those unsettling/troubling/agitating the Galatians would do to themselves?


  6. What does Paul not want Christians to use their freedom for?


  7. In what command is the whole law fulfilled?


  8. What two things does Paul say are opposed to one another, with the result that Christians are kept from doing what they want to do?


  9. How many works of the flesh have to do with sins that are associated with division in a church?


  10. What are the nine fruit of the Spirit?


  11. What have those who belong to Christ crucified?


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