Bible 106


The Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus

(Luke 24:13-53; John 20:19-21:25; Acts 1:1-11)
(Synopsis: §§355-357, 365-367; pp. 329-331, 335-337)

  1. To what village were two disciples walking on the day that Jesus was raised? How far was it from Jerusalem? What was the name of one of them? (§355)

  2. According to Mark, why did they not recognize Jesus at first? (§355)

  3. What did Jesus explain to these people as they walked along the road? (§355)

  4. What did Jesus do that caused these people to recognize that the man with them was really Jesus? (§355)

  5. When did Jesus first appear to the remaining apostles? What had they done to insure their safety? (§356)

  6. What two things did Jesus do to prove that He was not a ghost? (§356)

  7. Which of the remaining apostles was absent from that first appearance? What two things did he want to do to prove to himself that Jesus was alive again? (§357)

  8. What two things did Jesus tell the apostles that they should preach to all nations beginning from Jerusalem? (§365)

  9. How long did Jesus tell the apostles to wait in Jerusalem? (§365)

  10. Why did John say that he wrote his gospel? (§366)

  11. To whom did Jesus appear by the sea of Galilee? (§367)

  12. How many fish did they catch at first? How many did they catch after they did what Jesus said? (§367)

  13. How many times did Jesus ask Peter if he loved Him? (§367)

  14. What report was later spread that Jesus had said about the beloved disciple? Was it true? (§367)

  15. For how long a period did Jesus appear to His disciples after His resurrection? (Acts 1)

  16. When Jesus ascended into heaven, what took Him out of the apostles' sight? (Acts 1)

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