Bible 106, 310

The Death of John the Baptist
and Various Miracles & Conflicts

(Matt. 13:53-15:39; Mark 6:1-8:10)
(Synopsis: §§139-153, pp. 127-146)

  1. What was Jesus' profession? What was His earthly father's profession? (§139)

  2. What were the names of Jesus' brothers? (§139)

  3. Who were people saying that Jesus was? Who was Herod saying that Jesus was? (§143)

  4. Why had Herod put John the Baptist in prison? (§144)

  5. Why did Herod have John the Baptist beheaded? (§144)

  6. When Jesus fed the 5000, how much money were the disciples talking about spending on bread? What did they finally give to Jesus to feed the people with? (§146)

  7. After the feeding of the 5000, how many baskets full of leftovers were taken up? (§146)

  8. After the feeding of the 5000, what did Jesus do alone? (§147)

  9. When the disciples saw Jesus walking on the water, what did they think He was? (§147)

  10. Why did Peter begin to sink when he walked on water? (§147)

  11. What tradition of the elders did the Pharisees follow before they ate? (§150)

  12. What commands of Moses did Jesus say the Pharisees violated for the sake of their traditions? (§150)

  13. What did Isaiah say that people taught that made their worship vain? (§150)

  14. When Jesus said that the things going into a person did not defile him, what did he declare about foods? (§150)

  15. What kinds of things does Jesus say defile a person? (§150)

  16. Why did Jesus hesitate to heal the Syrophoenician woman's child at first? (§151)

  17. What answer did the Syrophoenician woman give Jesus that caused Him to heal her daughter? (§151)

  18. What did Jesus do to heal a deaf-mute? (§152)

  19. When Jesus fed the 4000, what did the disciples give to Jesus to feed the people with? (§153)

  20. After the feeding of the 4000, how many large baskets full of leftovers were taken up? (§153)

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