Bible 106, 310

The Birth of Jesus

(Matt. 1:18-2:23; Luke 1:5-2:52)
(Synopsis: §§2-12)

  1. How many children had Zechariah and Elizabeth had before John was born? (§2)
  2. What was Zechariah doing when an angel appeared to him? (§2)

  3. What did the angel tell Zechariah that his own name was and where he stood? (§2)

  4. Why was Zechariah made unable to speak? (§2)

  5. What two designations of "Son" did the angel use to describe the son that would be born to Mary? (§3)

  6. What objection did Mary raise to the angel's pronouncement? (§3)

  7. What happened to Elizabeth when Mary went to see her? (§4)

  8. When and what did the relatives want to name Zechariah and Elizabeth's son? (§5)

  9. What did Zechariah do when he was filled with the Holy Spirit? (§5)

  10. Why did Zechariah say that his child would be called the prophet of the Most High? (§5)

  11. Why was Joseph going to divorce Mary? (§7)

  12. Where did the angel say that Mary's child had come from? (§7)

  13. Who had Isaiah prophesied would give birth to a child? (§7)

  14. What does Emmanuel mean? (§7)

  15. Did Joseph have sex with his wife Mary before Jesus was born? How do you know? (§7)

  16. What was taking place that caused Jesus to be born in Bethlehem? (§7)

  17. Where did Mary lay Jesus when he was born and why? (§7)

  18. Who came to see the baby Jesus on the night that he was born? (§8)

  19. How old was Jesus when he was circumcised? (§9)

  20. When did Jesus's parents first take him to the temple? (§9)

  21. What two people were pleased and thanked God when Jesus was brought to the temple? (§9)

  22. Who did the wise men from the East come to, looking for the one born King of the Jews? (§8)

  23. How did they find out where the child was born? (§8)

  24. How many wise men does Matthew say visited Jesus? (§8)

  25. How many gifts and what kind of gifts does Matthew say the wise men brought Jesus? (§8)

  26. Why did the wise men go home another way? (§8)

  27. What information about the age of Jesus at the time the babies were killed in Bethlehem does Matthew give? (§10)

  28. Where did Joseph take Mary and Jesus to escape Herod? (§10)

  29. Why was Jesus called a Nazarene? (§11)

  30. How old was Jesus when he was lost at the temple? (§12)

  31. What did Jesus tell his parents when they found him? (§12)

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