Bible 106

The Woman Caught in Adultery
and the Man Born Blind

(John 7:53-8:11; 9:1-41)
(Synopsis: §§242, 248; pp. 208-209; 211-212)

  1. For what reason did the scribes and Pharisees claim to have brought a woman to Jesus? (§242)

  2. For what reason did the scribes and Pharisees really bring the woman to Jesus? (§242)

  3. What was Jesus' ruling on what should be done with the woman? How was it just? (§242)

  4. Thought question: Why did the oldest leave first? (§242)

  5. What two messages did Jesus have for the woman? (§242)

  6. Why did the disciples think that the man born blind had been born blind? Were they correct? (§248)

  7. What was it about the healing of the man born blind that some of the Pharisees found offensive? (§248)

  8. What was it that the man's parents were careful not to say and why? (§248)

  9. What line of reasoning did the man born blind use to show that Jesus must have come from God? (§248)

  10. What view about physical blindness did the Pharisees share with Jesus' disciples? (§248)

  11. For what reason did Jesus say that He had come into the world? (§248)

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