Bible 106, 310

Peter's Confession and the Transfiguration

(Matt. 16:13-17:23; Mark 8:27-9:32; Luke 9:18-9:45; 9:51-10:20)
(Synopsis: §§158-164, 174-180; pp. 149-157, 164-167)

  1. What four individuals were people saying that Jesus was? (§158)

  2. Who did Peter say that Jesus was? Who revealed this to him? (§158)

  3. What did Jesus say He would build, where would He build it, and how strong would it be? (§158)

  4. What was Jesus going to give to Peter and what was the significance of this? (§158)

  5. Thought question: Why did Jesus not want His disciples to tell anyone that he was the Christ? (§158)

  6. What did Jesus begin to reveal to the disciples after Peter's confession? (§159)

  7. What standards did Jesus set for anyone who wanted to follow Him? (§160)

  8. Do you see any indications that the Son of man coming with His angels and the Son of man coming in His kingdom might be different events? (§160)

  9. What happened to Jesus and His appearance while on the mountain with Peter, James, and John? (§161)

  10. Who appeared with Jesus on the mountain, what did they talk about, and what was the disciples' state of mind? (§161)

  11. What did Peter say in response to this appearance, and why did he say it? (§161)

  12. What happened to negate Peter's suggestion? What was the purpose of this appearance? (§161)

  13. With whom did Jesus identify the Elijah who was to come? (§162)

  14. What did Jesus find when He came down off the mountain? (§163)

  15. When Jesus again told His disciples what was going to happen to Him, what was their reaction? (§164)

  16. Who rejected Jesus on His way to Jerusalem and what was the difference between the reaction of Jesus and that of the sons of Zebedee? (§175)

  17. What were the statements of three potential followers of Jesus? Were any of them acceptable to Jesus? (§176)

  18. Who did Jesus send out besides His twelve apostles, where did He send them, and how did He group them? (§177)

  19. What were those He sent out to survive on and why? (§177)

  20. Upon what three cities in Galilee did Jesus pronounce woes? Why? (§178)

  21. What was Jesus' response about the devil when those He had sent out returned? (§180)

  22. What did Jesus say that His followers should rejoice about? (§180)

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