Bible 106

The Crucifixion of Jesus

(Matt. 27:27-66; Mark 15:16-47; Luke 23:26-56; John 19:17-42)
(Synopsis: §§342-351; pp. 315-324)

  1. What did the soldiers who mocked Jesus put on Him and give Him to pretend He was a king? (§342)

  2. What did the soldiers who mocked Jesus say to Him? (§342)

  3. What was the name of the place where Jesus was crucified? (§344)

  4. What did they offer Jesus to drink to kill the pain? What did He do with it? (§344)

  5. What did Jesus pray (#1) about the guilt of the ones who were crucifying Him? (§344)

  6. At what Jewish hour did the crucifixion begin? What was this in Roman time? (§344)

  7. What did the inscription over Jesus say? (§344)

  8. In what three languages was the inscription over Jesus written? (§344)

  9. With what words did the Jewish leaders mock Jesus as He hung on the cross? (§345)

  10. What did Jesus say (#3) to one of those crucified with Him? (§346)

  11. At what Jewish hour did the land become dark? What was this in Roman time? (§347)

  12. What did Jesus cry out (#4) at about the ninth hour? What did it mean? Where did this saying come from? (look at the references at the bottom of the page) What was the equivalent Roman time to the ninth hour? (§347)

  13. Thought question: Why did some of the bystanders think that Jesus was calling for Elijah? (§347)

  14. What did Jesus say (#5) to fulfil the scripture when He knew that everything had now been finished? (§347)

  15. What did the soldiers offer Him to drink? How did they give it to Him? (§347)

  16. What two things did Jesus say (#6,7) just before He died? (§347)

  17. Attention Question: How many sayings of Jesus do the four gospels record?

  18. What happened to the curtain or veil in the temple when Jesus died? (§347)

  19. What did the centurion who was in charge of watching over Jesus say when He died? According to Luke, what did this mean? (§347)

  20. What women are mentioned by name as having witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus? (§348)

  21. What did the soldiers do to the legs of those crucified with Jesus? Why? Did they do this to Jesus? (§349)

  22. What two prophecies does John say were fulfilled about Jesus' crucifixion after His death? (§349)

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