Bible 106

Early Encounters in John

(John 2:14-4:46)
(Synopsis: §§ 25-32; pp. 24-30)

  1. How long had it taken to build the temple by the time of Jesus? (§25)

  2. When Jesus said He would raise up "this temple" in three days, what was He talking about? (§25)

  3. When Nicodemus asked how a person could enter his mother's womb for a second birth once he was old, what kind of birth did Jesus explain He was talking about? (§27)

  4. When disciples started going from John the Baptist to Jesus, was John jealous? Give a reason(s) for your answer. (§29)

  5. What assurance does the gospel of John give Christians that Jesus speaks the words of God? (§29)

  6. What did Jesus say that He had that He could give the woman of Samaria? (§31)

  7. Where did the Samaritans worship God? Where did the Jews worship God? (§31)

  8. What kind of worshipers did Jesus say that God is looking for? Why is He looking for this kind? (§31)

  9. What kind of food did Jesus have to eat while the disciples were gone? (§31)

  10. What did the woman say that Jesus was? What did the rest of the Samaritans say He was after He had stayed with them? (§31)

  11. What saying did Jesus give about His acceptance in His own country? (§32)

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