Bible 106, 310

Other Early Encounters of Jesus

(Mark 1:14-3:19; Luke 4:14-6:16)
(Synopsis: §§ 30, 32-49; pp. 28, 30-48)

  1. What early message did Jesus begin to preach after the arrest of John? (§32)

  2. When Jesus told the people in Nazareth that foreigners had benefited from Elijah and Elisha, what did they become and what did they try to do? (§33)

  3. What did Jesus tell Simon and Andrew when He found them fishing in the sea? (§34)

  4. Who did Jesus heal of a high fever at Simon Peter's house? (§37)

  5. When Jesus was found praying at a lonely place, for what purpose did He say He had been sent? (§39)

  6. When Simon Peter caught so many fish that his nets started to break, what did He tell Jesus? (§41)

  7. What did Jesus feel that made Him tell the leper that He was willing to heal him? (§42)

  8. When a paralyzed man was let down through a hole in the roof for Jesus to heal, what did Jesus say to the man and what was the Jewish leaders' reaction? (§43)

  9. Who was the tax collector that Jesus called and what did he do for Jesus that got Him criticized? (§44)

  10. When did Jesus say that His disciples would fast? (§45)

  11. Name two things that Jesus and/or His disciples did on the Sabbath day that upset the Jewish leaders: (§§ 46-47)

Be prepared to name the twelve apostles of Jesus for the next test!!

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