Bible 106, 310

Evidence for the Resurrection

How to Explain:

     The Empty Tomb: What happened to the missing body?
          Jesus Rose from the dead
          His disciples stole His body
               How did they get past the guards?
               Why would they do it?  They were afraid!
          The Romans took it
               Why? They were guarding it to prevent this from
               All they had to do was produce the body!
          The chief priests took it
               Why?  same comments as above
          Grave Robbers took it
               They don't take bodies!
               There was no jewelry on the body.
               How did they get past the guards?
     The Resurrection Appearances:
          Jesus Rose from the dead
          Mass Hallucination
               Different people saw Him at different times.
               Once 500 people saw Him at the same time.
          Fabrication by apostles and others
               Why?  They were afraid.
               They later died for their story; no one recanted!
     The Rise of the Church:
     The Conversion of Saul of Tarsus:

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