Bible 106

Events of the Final Week #1

(Matt. 21:1-32; Mark 11; Luke 19:28-20:8; John 12:1-19)
(Synopsis: §§267-277; pp. 231-242)

  1. When does John say that the supper at Bethany where Jesus was anointed took place? (§267)

  2. Who anointed Jesus at that supper and with what? (§267)

  3. Who objected to the anointing and what were the alleged and real reasons for the objection? (§267)

  4. On what did Jesus sit as he entered Jerusalem? Where did he get it? (§269)

  5. What prophecy did Matthew say that this fulfilled? (§269)

  6. What did the crowd do and shout? (§269)

  7. Why did Jesus weep over Jerusalem? (§270)

  8. What did Jesus do to those making money in the temple? (§§271, 273)

  9. What happened to the fig tree that Jesus found without figs? (§§272, 275)

  10. How did Jesus answer the Jewish leaders' question about where He got His authority? (§276)

  11. What is the main point of the parable of the two sons? (§277)

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