Bible 106, 310

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Events of the Final Week #2
(Matt. 21:33-23:39; Mark 12; Luke 20:9-21:4)
(Synopsis: 278-286; pp. 242-254)

  1. In the parable of the Wicked Tenant Farmers, what did the tenants do to the owner's servants? What did they do to his son? (278)



  2. What two things did Jesus say that the Sadducees did not know? (281)



  3. What commandment did Jesus say was the greatest of all? What did He say was the second? (282)



  4. What three titles did Jesus say that his disciples are not to be called and why? (284)



  5. To what kind of effort did the scribes and Pharisees go to make proselytes (converts to Judaism)? (284)



  6. What did Jesus say would come upon that generation? (284)



  7. What analogy did Jesus use to describe His concern for the city of Jerusalem? (285)



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