Bible 106

The Raising of Lazarus

(John 11)
(Synopsis: §§259-261; pp. 221-224)

  1. When Jesus heard the Lazarus was ill, what did He say? (§259)

  2. What did Jesus say metaphorically about the death of Lazarus that the disciples misunderstood? (§259)

  3. What did Martha say when she first saw Jesus that showed that she believed in Him? (§259)

  4. What famous "I am" statement did Jesus make in His exchange with Martha? (§259)

  5. What confession did Martha make about who Jesus was? Who made a similar confession in the Synoptic Gospels? (§259)

  6. What caused Mary to go out to meet Jesus? (§259)

  7. What two reactions did people have to Jesus' tears? (§259)

  8. In what kind of grave had Lazarus been buried? (§259)

  9. What were the two reactions of the Jews to Jesus' raising Lazarus from the dead? (§260)

  10. What were the Jewish leaders afraid would happen if people continued to believe in Jesus? (§260)

  11. Why did Jesus stay in the town of Ephraim on the edge of the wilderness? (§261)

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